Virgin Broadband Tv Ireland

Virgin Media is a household name across Ireland. As a digital pioneer, Virgin Media have invested over €1 billion in its infrastructure. People seeking ultra-fast broadband connections often sign up with the provider. They are officially Ireland's fastest broadband network.

Ookla, the global leader in broadband testing, have awarded the status to Virgin Media. That's thanks in part to over one million independent speed tests! Across the network, the average download speed for Virgin Media broadband customers is 123.65Mbps. Of course, that isn't the fastest speeds that Virgin Media offer.

Here is a selection of their best package deals on offer:

240Mb Broadband Anytime World

Customers that sign up for this service can enjoy unlimited download speeds of up to 240Mbps. The broadband service also features upload speeds of up to 24Mbps.

This package also comes with unlimited telephone calls to all Irish landlines. Plus, you can make use of 400 free minutes to landlines in 22 countries. That includes Ireland's nearest neighbour, the United Kingdom.

Other features include the Virgin Media Phone App. It's a useful way to make and receive calls on your mobile using VoIP. The usage forms part of your standard domestic and foreign call allowances.

And if you visit someone that uses Virgin Media, you can use their WiFi service for free using Horizon Wifi. That means you no longer have to pay for expensive data roaming charges on your mobile devices!

The price for 240Mb Broadband Anytime World is €30 a month for the first quarter. After that, the price is only €50 a month.

360Mb Mobile World

For those seeking a faster Internet connection, 360Mb Mobile World is the package to have! First of all, it boasts lightning-fast download speeds of up to 360Mbps. Second, you can make unlimited calls to Irish landlines and mobiles. And, third, you get the award-winning Virgin Media hub for free.

The 360Mb Mobile World package also comes with the Virgin Media Phone App and free Horizon Wifi. It costs €30 a month for the first quarter, rising to €60 a month afterwards.

Broadband, landline and TV packages

Of course, Virgin Media also offers digital TV as well as broadband and landlines. There are three combined packages that they offer should you want to include digital TV as well.

240Mb Anytime World + Horizon TV offers 240Mbps Internet download speeds. You also get unlimited calls to Irish landlines and 400 minutes to 22 countries. The TV element comprises more than 50 channels, 17 of which are in HD. It costs €40 a month for the first three months and €80 a month after that.

240Mb Anytime World + Horizon Max TV is similar to the first package. But, you can enjoy over 100 TV channels and 25 of them in HD. The cost is €45 a month for three months, and €85 per month afterwards.

360Mb Mobile World + Horizon TV offers higher Internet download speeds at 360Mbps. The TV and landline features are the same as 240Mb Anytime World + Horizon TV. But, you also get a free Virgin Media hub.