Switching Broadband Providers

Typically, switching broadband suppliers is a simple and straightforward process. Recent research has shown that Irish consumers are most likely to switch their broadband, than any other utility. Furthermore, this research also showed that 80% of people found it easy to switch their suppliers.

If you want to switch broadband suppliers, then this article will guide you through the process. It will inform you of the steps to take, and answer any common questions that occur during the process.

The most common type of broadband in Ireland is ADSL. This is when you get your internet connection over a phone line. There are lots of suppliers that offer this type of broadband connection. Consequently, it’s easy for you to switch between providers. No one will have to visit your house to change/add new cables etc. You’re connected via a phone line, and just need to cancel your current contract, and switch to the new supplier.

Sometimes, you may need a different modem. But, they’re so simple to install, most suppliers just send it to you. You’ll find installation instructions with the new equipment, and it can be set up in under ten minutes.

Switching To A Cable Connection

You may require someone to visit your home is you’re switching to cable broadband. You’ll need new cables and equipment to be installed for your switch. This may seem like extra work, and can deter people from switching to cable from ADSL. But, most suppliers are so quick to service you, it’s often faster that switching between ADSL suppliers. Why is this? It’s because you don’t need to cancel your current ADSL service before switching to a cable one. It can be done beforehand, and then you can switch once connected. Obviously, a big benefit of this is that you’re never going to be without a broadband connection during your switch.

Can You Keep our Phone Number When Switching?

Usually, you can keep your phone number if switching broadband providers. First, you need to provider a Universal Account Number (UAN). This is an 8-digit code, unique to every phone number in Ireland. You must provide this code to your new supplier before switching between ADSL broadbands.

Once completed, you will fill out a Phone Number Porting Form. This gives your new supplier the ability to request your number from your old supplier. Also, if you switch connection types, you can continue to use your phone number. You just have to follow the same process of submitting your UAN and filling in a form.

If you change to a new broadband type, and it’s installed early, you’ll get a temporary number. This will tie you down until your old supplier releases your old number.

Your old number can’t be allocated to anyone else until six months after your previous service is canceled. So, you’re left with a decent timeframe in which to fill in the Phone Number Porting Forms. However, it is suggested you do this ASAP. Preferably after you’ve completed your application with the new supplier.

Do You Have To Cancel Your Current Service Beforehand?

When switching, a lot of people ask whether or not they have to cancel their current service. The answer to this is a little bit complicated. It depends on whether you’re switching between similar connections or not. For example, switching to a new ADSL connection means you won’t have to cancel beforehand. Usually, the best option is to let your new supplier deal with it for you. Once you’ve filled in the application and signed the contract, they can cancel your old one for you. But, if you switch between connection types, then you have to cancel it yourself. In this scenario, it’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to cancel beforehand. Some people choose to wait; others want to cancel as soon as possible.

Also, you have to be aware of how long your current contract runs for. Some can run for two years; others are just one. Ensure that your contract has ended before you make a switch. If you switch too early, then you could incur additional penalty fees. And, you’ll have to pay off the remainder of your contract. To keep the cost of switching as low as possible, only switch when out of contract.

It’s suggested you check out your future provider before you switch. Have a look at the contract length and what penalties you can get from switching early. This will help you when your new contract ends and you want to switch again.

What Should You Do When You’re Ready To Switch?

The best thing to do, when you want to switch, is to compare broadband price. Take a look at the various deals out there, and compare them to your current supplier. You’ll probably find that you’re overpaying for your current contract. Usually, suppliers change tariffs and add in deals throughout the year. So, even if you’ve only been with a supplier for 24 months, your current allowance could be much cheaper. You can do all of this online and then fill in an application form with your new supplier. Everything else will be taken care of for you, and you’ll receive verification calls or an email. This is just to verify that you’ve switched broadband suppliers and want to go ahead with everything.

Normally, a cable switch can take a couple of days. ADSL switches are more likely to take you a couple of weeks.

Can You Change Your Mind?

There is a chance that you can switch suppliers, and not be happy with your choice. Perhaps your connection is too slow, or it keeps dropping. Whatever the reason, you can cancel your new broadband within 14 days of purchase. If it’s within the 14 days, you won’t incur any penalty charges.

Should you choose to cancel, I suggest you write a formal email to your supplier. This is purely, so you have evidence of when you canceled. So, if they try and claim you’re too late, you’ve got this email as verification.

Switching broadband suppliers is a simple process that anyone can do. These days, it’s all done online and can be over in a few days. Take your time to compare prices and ensure you get the best deal possible.