Sky Broadband and TV

You’ll be astounded by just how much you can now get from Sky Ireland at a budget beating price that bests other competitors on the market. Whether you want the full package with broadband, phone and TV or a selection of the features.

Sky Broadband And Phone

For just €45 a month, you will able to get superfast speeds on Sky Fibre Unlimited with Sky Talk included. The Sky Fibre Unlimited package is offered on a twelve-month contract. You will have a full year to decide whether it’s right for you. After twelve months you can continue on one of the fastest connections available on the market. Or, you can switch to one of Sky's broadband connections. Sky's broadband speeds are still incredibly fast and can range up to 75mbps, depending on your area.

With Sky Fibre, you will be able to download as much as you want at 100mbps. This means you will be able to download a full movie in HD in just 1.2 minutes! Or, a full tv show in just thirty seconds. If you opt for the 54mbps+ Sky broadband package, you will still be able to download a movie in just over three minutes. Whatever your need for speed, Sky has got you covered.

Packages from Sky Ireland are completely customisable, so you will be able to choose what you want, how you want it. You can decide how fast you need your internet to be and how much you will need to use your phone. You can get a basic package at the lowest possible price with internet and Talk paid by the minute. Or, you can arrange for an internet package, with cheap Sky Talk included and free phone calls at certain times through the day.

Sky Talk Freetime gives you free evening and weekend calls up to an hour, through to numbers in the Republic of Ireland. Or Sky Talk Anytime gives you free calls up to an hour, any time, any day. You will also be able to contact a number of countries outside of Ireland including the UK and the USA.

Broadband, Phone And TV Bundles

If you want everything including in your package, you can get broadband, phone and TV all from Sky in one deal. You will be able to choose the speed of the broadband connection that you want, up to 100mbps for Sky Fibre. You can add on one of the two Sky Talk packages. Then, you’ll be able to choose what TV package you want from Sky.

TV packages are offered on personal preference, and there is something for everyone. There are over forty channels to choose from including movie channels and kids programming. Sky is offering everything your family needs.

TV subscription packages start at €29.50 and range up to €85.50. These packages include channels like Sky Atlantic where you will be able to catch the latest seasons of hit shows like Game of Thrones. Or, you can choose a Sky Sports TV package and watch exclusive live matches of the GAA.

On top of that, you can arrange to get Sky 3D and Sky Box Office. This will give you the latest 3D films and box office hits, broadcast straight to your home. You’ll be able to access some of the biggest movies of the year, months after they leave the cinema.

Extras include Sky On The Go, Sky Demand, and Sky Multiscreen. With these features, you will be able to reshape the way your family watches TV. If there are people in your family who want to watch different shows and channels, these features will keep everyone happy. You’ll be able to catch up with your favourite shows on your own time. Or, you can all watch on different screens, at the same time.

Or, for an added cost you can get Sky Q. This allows you to watch your show on the screen you want with a seamless transition. Use your tablet to transfer the show to your big screen TV with this exciting new feature.

What You Need

You don’t need much to get your home set up with Sky. You just need to get a Sky Box and a satellite installation that new customers can purchase at a discounted price. We will provide the rest and get everything set up and ready in your home. With inclusive packages, you can get everything you need from Sky and get the best in home entertainment for your family.