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Internet access and telephone communications are a fundamental part of the modern home. Even when we move into a new property, it’s the first thing we need to have working on day one. That in itself should tell you just how important it is to choose the right service provider.

Pure Telecom is one of Ireland’s premier service providers and is available in over one million Irish homes. The company has been in operation since 2002 too, which makes it a name you can trust.

Trust isn’t the only crucial factor to consider when you’re choosing a provider. Here’s everything you need to know about the Pure Telecom service:

Phone And/Or Broadband

When searching for a new service provider, flexibility is the key. Without it, you’ll end up paying for certain services that you don’t even need. In turn, this will lead to larger bills than you actively need. That’s the last thing anyone needs in the bid for better value.

Pure Telecom doesn't bundle telephone and broadband together. This enables you to choose one service or the other. Of course, this still allows customers to have both items as a package. Nevertheless, in a society where we all have smartphones, the option to cut landline charges is quite often a positive.

Whether it’s purely broadband, just the phone or both doesn’t matter. Pure Telecom has you covered.

Lightning Fibre Broadband

The modern household is connected to the internet through several devices. The average family could have multiple smartphones tapped in while the TV is using Netflix. You can often add the fact that laptops are browsing Facebook, and games consoles are playing online into the mix too. With so much data being used, you don’t just need unlimited broadband. You need fast broadband too.

Despite already being one of Ireland’s best providers, Pure Telecom launched an even better service in March 2016. Now, customers on the Lightning Speed package can enjoy speeds of up to 1,000MB. That means unlimited downloads and zero buffering. No matter how many devices you have plugged in at once, you’ll be able to enjoy your online experiences to the max.

With unlimited Irish landline and mobile calls thrown into the mix too, it’s truly one of the best services on the market.

Multiple Options

While Lightning Fibre is the standout package, your services should be tailored to your needs. Let’s face it; a single person that posts a few snaps on Instagram while watching the latest films online has different needs to a family of five.

For those living in an area not yet serviced by Fibre broadband, there’s always the Next Generation broadband. This still offers a fast, reliable service. Furthermore, it comes with multiple options such as 8MB and 24MB to ensure that you only pay for the service you need. Meanwhile, Pure Telecom offers free upgrades once the Fibre option is available. That’s one area where many competitors fail.

As for the Fibre broadband option, Instant Speed and Premium Speed packages offer a cheaper solution than the Lightning one. You’ll still gain all the benefits, only at slower speeds. But the respective 150MB and 300MB outputs are more than adequate for a smaller family. Essentially, it’s about knowing your realistic usage and building a deal around that. This is the only way to get the very best deal available.

Phone Solutions

Pure Telecom also offers a phone only service with very competitive prices. In truth, most customers needing these services will find that they want broadband internet too. Nevertheless, it’s great to have those packages available.

As with the online facilities, phone services can be built around your needs. Whether it’s landlines only or mobiles too, there is a solution to ensure you get the best deal at the best price.

Perhaps the most attractive feature is the international add-on. Staying connected with landlines costs just €5 a month while mobiles can be added to the package for an extra €5 too. This is perfect for contacting family and friends and is available to phone only customers as well as phone and broadband ones. Perfect.

Ireland Friendliest Customer Care

As already mentioned, internet and phone services are far too important to get wrong. Choosing a fast, reliable service is one thing. However, there’s always a possibility that thing could go wrong at one stage or another. This can be extremely frustrating, but those feelings will be far worse when you don’t know what’s going on.

The Pure Telecom team is always ready and willing to help with any concerns. The combination of Live Chat website facilities and phone helplines are great for individual problems. Meanwhile, finding out problems in the local area can save a lot of time and hassle too. It won’t remove the frustration completely, but knowing that the experts are working on a solution will put your mind at ease.

It’s not the most important factor behind your choice, but it is one that needs serious consideration. It definitely helps to have a great customer support team behind you. Nevertheless, with Pure Telecom, you’ll probably never need that help anyway.

Easy Process

Getting the best service at the best price should be top of your agenda. But that service doesn’t start and end with the reliability of your connection.

Installation is a key element. Not only are all Fibre installations free. They’re also quick and painless. As a homeowner or tenant, this factor is crucial. Let’s face it; you deserve to be up and running in the quickest time possible. Knowing that those items won’t compromise the aesthetic of your home is a huge bonus too.

Meanwhile, all customers should be able to monitor their accounts with ease. Whether it’s setting parental controls or managing your payments, the members area makes it simple. Additionally, a handy blog also covers various helpful tips.


Pure Telecom is one of the most reliable service providers in Ireland and offers incredible flexibility. Whether you’re looking for a phone, internet or both, this is the ideal solution.

Visit their site today for all the latest deals. And if you’re unsure on what package to choose, ask an online advisor. With the right package selected, you’ll never need another provider.

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