Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband delivers internet access to your mobile devices. Fourth generation mobile broadband, or 4G, is the latest and fastest option available for broadband customers. You get reliable access to online content, and a faster service than the predecessor, 3G.


How Does Mobile Broadband Work?


Mobile broadband is perfect for people who want to have internet with them everywhere they go. Mobile broadband works by using your mobile phone network connection. You can do everything you’d usually do when using broadband, but on your mobile. The service will use either 3G or 4G. The connections use HSDPA and HSUPA, which are upload package access and high speed download packages. Mobile broadband connects to laptops, smartphones, tablets or PCs mainly using built in hardware. When buying a mobile device to use with mobile broadband, you need to make sure the device is compatible first. You can also use a small portable modem or USB stick.


Who Is Mobile Broadband Best For?


Mobile broadband is suitable for anybody that wants to take their internet connection away from home. It’s great for commuters, travellers, and students. It can even be great for business people, as coverage is usually high quality. With the speeds of mobile broadband today, it’s possible to work while you’re on the move.


Who Are The Best Mobile Broadband Service Providers?


If you’re looking for the best mobile broadband service providers, take a look at:

  • EE

  • Vodafone

  • O2

  • Three


These providers are the fastest and most widely available. They may also provide you with a free dongle when you sign up for their services. Getting the best deal will depend entirely on how much you intend on using mobile broadband and how fast you need it to be. Pay-as-you-go broadband is also an option, but the prices can vary wildly so you need to look around before making your mind up.


How Do You Get Mobile Broadband?


To get mobile broadband you can begin to compare deals, before calling the provider you like and discussing your needs with them. They may then send you a dongle or mini modem, or simply set up a connection to your mobile device/devices.


How Do You Cancel Mobile Broadband?


Cancelling mobile broadband depends on your package and provider. If you’re on a 1 month rolling deal for instance, you may need to give 1 month notice to cancel it. Each provider will have their own rules, so make sure you read the small print.


Can Everyone Get Mobile Broadband?


Pretty much anybody can get mobile broadband. 99% of the population can get mobile broadband through many different providers. This is thanks to the vastness of the UK’s mobile phone networks. That’s why it’s perfect for people with no fixed location. However, the speeds you get will depend on your location. Factors that could potentially affect your mobile broadband include:

  • Your distance from a mast.

  • How thick your walls are.

  • The height of the building you’re in.


Mobile broadband can be unavailable or very slow in certain areas. Make sure you consider the area you will use the broadband most before deciding on a deal or provider.


How Fast Is Mobile Broadband?


4G mobile broadband is the fastest service you can get. It’s usually 10Mbps-20Mbps, and 3 times faster than 3G broadband. 4G broadband can be better than 3G when used in high buildings or buildings with thicker walls. You can do more with 4G broadband too, such as stream HD videos quickly. The fastest speeds are usually only available in certain cities and areas, and sometimes airports.


Pros And Cons Of Mobile Broadband


There are some pros and cons to mobile broadband. Pros include:

  • 4G speeds are getting faster. This means they could even be an alternative to a fixed line broadband deal.

  • You can connect wherever you go with a discreet mobile device.

  • You don’t need to be in a hotspot, plugged in, or even have electricity to use mobile broadband.

  • Cheaper than home broadband with competitive prices.


Cons of Mobile Broadband Include:

  • Slower speeds than you home broadband.

  • You can only use it if you have phone signal.

  • You may have a limited download allowance.


The Future Of Mobile Broadband


4G will completely replace 3G. 4G will become more efficient and offer higher speeds. Coverage also won’t be an issue. Also, there won’t be much of a need for mobile devices with external modems, as many will have them built in. Ensuring you select the right mobile device and broadband deal for your needs is crucial.


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