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Want The Best Broadband, TV Or Mobile?

If you want the best broadband, tv or mobile then we think you will find eir exciting!

"Switching to eir was so easy and the customer service was great. The process was seemless and I was up and running in no time. The broadband speed is excellent and I am happy out. Would recommend eir to all my friends and family"

Josuha Blake

Broadband & Calls

100Mb fibre broadband with unlimited off peak calls to local, national & mobile numbers! Only €45*pm. *1st 3 months, €62per month there after.


TV & Broadband

Broadband, TV, Mobile and Home Phone all from only €30*. *1st 6 months, €85per month there after.


TV, Broadband & Mobile

100Mb fibre broadband with unlimited anytime calls to local, national & mobile numbers! Only €30*pm. *1st 6 months, €100per month there after.

eir is the biggest broadband and phone service provider in Ireland. With over 2 million happy customers nationwide. Get great service at a great price!

  1. 1Only €30* per month
  2. 214 day cooling off period
  3. 3Experienced and friendly customer services staff happy to provide assistance.

Super Fast 100mb Broadband

eir provide an uncongested Broadband service. This allows us to deliver the fastest broadband speeds available in your area. Surf, game and stream at the same time.


No Download Limit

All of eir's broadband services are UNLIMITED which means you can surf, game and stream away knowing your monthly bill will always be the same.


Free Connection

eir handle the switching process for you which takes a matter of days and we do this for no extra cost.

Great value pricing with excellent service quality guranteed!
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Eir Broadband

When choosing a broadband service provider in Ireland, there are many factors that need to be considered. Ultimately, though, the main focus is to acquire the best package at the best price.

Eir Broadband is one of the nation’s leading providers, and offer plenty of benefits to their customers. If you’ve been thinking about making a switch, then the Dublin-based company has probably entered the equation at some stage.

Here’s everything you need to know before making your decision.

Build A Bundle

In an ideal world, we’d all love a service that covers all of our communicational needs. Having separate internet, telephone and TV packages only makes things harder to control. Moreover, it can lead to greater costs too. However, finding a company that provides everything in one place is only worthwhile if those items work. Likewise, deals need to be tailored to your needs. For these two reasons alone, eir Broadband is a winning selection.

Eir Broadband doesn’t only offer customers each of those elements. The company also allows customers to build a package that’s suited to their specific needs. Whether you plan to order one strand or all four, there’s ample choice to ensure those deals are suitable.

Broadband Internet

Our relationship with the internet has evolved over the past decade. Nowadays, the average home uses their connection to play games, download films, and complete various daily tasks. Broadband has become an essential part of modern family life, and most households will have various devices connected at once. Therefore, it’s imperative that your service provides the speed and data needed to enjoy those systems to the max.

Eir Fibre offers speeds of up to 100MB, making it one of the fastest options on the market. This will produce quicker upload and download speeds for everyone in your home. Additionally, it will ensure far greater reliability. Furthermore, the package comes with parental controls and other tools to ensure browsing is kept safe.

The eir Broadband company is already available in over 1.3million Irish homes. But for those living in an area that hasn’t yet enabled those Fibre services, there are alternatives offering up to 24MB. Once Fibre is available, an upgrade can be made free of charge.

A faster broadband is necessary to deal with the demands of the modern family. Without it, you will be condemned to buffering, restricted access and, ultimately, less enjoyment. With free installation and unlimited data included on all eir Broadband deals, you couldn’t ask for anything more. Best of all, you can have it on its own or as part of a bigger package.

TV Package

For most families, online facilities are the priority. Nevertheless, television still has a big role to play in the modern home. With eir Broadband, you can additionally pick up 55 channels through your TV. Or, you could go for the Experience package, increasing it to 84 channels.

The TV box also offers the ability to record programs or pause live TV. It’s a fantastic supplement to your bundle that includes UTV Ireland, Setanta, and the Disney channels. Customers can even take advantage of TV on the go with eir Go. Meanwhile, on-demand movies and multiroom options make it the perfect outlet for all your television needs.

Landline Telephone

Eir Broadband also offers landline telephone services. One of the best things about this option is that it offers fantastic versatility. Tailoring the plan to your needs means you can stick to Irish numbers. Alternatively, you could add UK or even international numbers to the service. Another option is to take a Pay As You Go solution, meaning you’ll only pay for the calls you make.

Either way, the ability to build a plan around your specific desires means you’ll get exactly what you need. Quite frankly, this is often the key to getting the best deal. After all, there’s no point in paying for additional services that you don’t actively need.

Mobile Telephone

In addition to landline facilities, eir Broadband also offer mobile phone coverage. These services run on a 4G plan and also includes free EU roaming. Moreover, customers receive 1GB of EU roaming data too. Meanwhile, free text messages are offered on every plan too.

Mobile phone services start from just 100 minutes + 1GB of monthly data. More frequent users can choose one of several options including unlimited calls to any network + 30GB monthly data. With unlimited calls to Irish and UK landlines thrown in too, it’s one of the best services on the market. And that doesn’t matter whether it’s part of a package or on its own.

The Best Deal

There is no one deal that is universally perfect for everyone. As such, all potential customers should take the time to assess the options. However, the Mobile 100, TV Essential and broadband deal stands out as terrific value.

For just €25 per month, customers can get;

  • Free 4G phone with 100 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB data and free EU roaming.
  • Unlimited Fibre broadband with speeds up to 100MB.
  • Unlimited Anytime calls to Irish and UK landlines and mobiles.
  • 55 channels, including box to record or pause live TV.

Before joining any major service, it’s important to know that you will be looked after. Receiving support during registration is one thing. But a customer care team that actively helps you throughout your time with them is a must.

Eir Broadband has various customer care teams. Whether it’s technical issues, account queries or something else doesn’t matter. You should always find a quick solution to your needs. Quite frankly, that’s one of the most important factors of all.

After all, having those services is futile if they don’t actively work.


Eir Broadband has built a solid reputation and is regarded one of the best broadband and entertainment providers on the Irish market. Whether it’s going solely for the 100MB Fibre broadband or adding extra services doesn't matter. They are one of the best.

It’s always worth checking that they serve your area first. Assuming they do, there’s no question that they’ll have a package just for you.

Great value pricing with excellent service quality guranteed!
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