Digiweb Broadband

Digiweb is one of Ireland's premier suppliers of broadband and landline solutions. In 2010, Digiweb acquired TalkTalk's Irish subsidiary. Today, they boast a customer base of over 102,000 customers.

With offices in Dublin and Dundalk, Digiweb provides broadband and landline services across Ireland. As an independent and 100% Irish company, Digiweb also offers a premier service. The company has a range of different broadband and telephone packages on offer.

Lite Fibre Broadband.

At €34.95 a month, the "Lite" fibre broadband package is perfect for occasional users. You can get up to 100Mbps download speeds with 20Mbps uploads. There is also a usage cap of 40Gb per month. It's an ideal option for social media websites, email, and YouTube.

It also comes with a free "Fritz!Box" WiFi modem and home media hub worth approximately €199. Other freebies include six months of anti-virus protection with F-Secure SAFE and parental controls. The Lite Fibre Broadband package won't go up in price for the duration of the 18-month contract.

Unlimited Fibre Broadband

Unlimited Fibre Broadband offers the same benefits as the Lite product. The only difference is there are no usage caps. Both packages also include unlimited calls to Irish and UK landlines and mobiles. The bonus is no telephone line is needed to take advantage of that!

30 GB Metro Starter

Metro Broadband is an always-on fibre service that doesn't need a landline. Instead, it works by having a small radio installed at your home. As you may have guessed, it's a wireless solution. But, it's a practical one where you don't want a conventional solution.

The Starter package is €29.95 a month plus a €29.95 installation fee. You get download speeds of up to 5Mbps with a monthly cap of 30GB. It's ideal for light Internet users that seldom download large files or stream music or video.

Free off-peak calls to Irish and UK landlines come standard with this package. You also get up to 40 off-peak minutes to Irish and UK mobiles too. All Metro to Metro calls are free at all times.

Unlimited Metro Freedom

For those seeking a faster and unlimited service, there is the Metro Freedom package. There are no usage caps, plus the download speeds are faster at up to 30Mbps. It costs just €49.95 a month and boasts free installation and radio.

You can also benefit from free unlimited calls to Irish and UK landlines and mobiles. Other features include F-Secure SAFE Internet Security software free for six months.

NextGen Home Broadband

Digiweb also offers conventional ADSL broadband packages for those that can't receive fibre. With download speeds up to 24Mbps, there are three options on offer.

The first is the standard package at €39.95 a month. You get a free WiFi modem and unlimited data allowance. It's a 12-month plan with a one-off connection fee of €49.95. As with the other packages, you can also enjoy free Internet security for six months.

The mid-range option also boasts VoIP. It allows you to make and receive calls using your Internet connection. It comes with a free Fritz!Box WiFi modem and home media hub. Plus, the package is available with free off-peak calls to Irish and UK numbers. As with the first package, it costs just €39.95 a month with a €49.95 activation fee.

Last, but not least, there is the NextGen Unlimited Broadband with VoIP package. For an extra €10 a month, you get unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in Ireland and the UK. Plus, there is no activation fee.