Broadband Only

Many broadband customers want to know if they can get broadband without a phone line. This is probably one of the most common questions you’ll hear if you work in the industry! You can get broadband without a phone line, but there are some things you may need to implement and consider before it’s possible. Many factors can come into it, including your location and the demand for a service in your area.

Broadband With An Active Phone Line

Most broadband providers do require you to have an active phone line to give you a connection. This is because many of them work on the Ireland’s copper wire phone network. Providers that use the Eircom network need you to have an active phone line to give you broadband internet. Even many fibre broadband providers need an active phone line. This could potentially bump up your bill each month even if it’s not something you need.

Broadband With No Phone Line

So, what are your options without an active phone line? You only have a few. You can use a mobile broadband service, or you may prefer to go with a smaller provider. The only widely available option for most people is Virgin’s Media fibre service. Virgin is the biggest broadband provider that doesn’t require an active phone line to provide you their services.

Why Are Virgin Media Different?

Virgin Media have full control over what they sell you, as they own their cable network. The only issue, is that Virgin Media is only available to around 65% of homes in the Ireland. If you reside in a rural area, you won’t be able to have Virgin Media. Even in some areas where Virgin is available, specific streets may be excluded. If you do want line rental or a TV package with Virgin Media, they offer this too.

What About The Smaller Providers Mentioned Earlier?

Going with a smaller provider could be an option for a broadband only deal. It’s crucial you find the right one for you, as many will come with restrictions. Pure Telecom is one small provider that can offer superfast broadband.

Broadband Only Deals For Rural Homes

For rural homes, you may need satellite broadband. A dish is used as opposed to cables, but you may only be able to enjoy speeds of a standard broadband package. The installation can cost a lot of money, and it’s likely restrictions will be placed on the service. Another option is FWB, or Fixed Wireless Broadband. The provider needs to install a mast in the village/town for this to work. This is why interest in this service from residents is important. Homes that wish to be connected will need a receiver in direct line with the mast, which means there are still homes that may not be able to use the service. The speeds of FWB will usually be much slower than a standard broadband package. In rare cases, it can be the same speed.

Will I Save Money Without A Phone Line?

You’d be forgiven for thinking so, but this isn't always the case. You will know exactly what you’re paying, though, as opposed to broadband packages with line rental. For example, a package with line rental may increase year on year, and you have the price of line rental to consider on top of that. Broadband without a phone line will be one set price for the term of your contract with the provider.

What Happens If I Need A Phone Line Eventually?

In some cases, you may realise you do need a phone line after all. Virgin Media will make it easy for you to add a phone line onto your current deal. You might need to pay for installation, or simply set up a new package. You could also install a phone line from a different provider if you wanted to.

Important Things To Think About Before Getting A Broadband Only Deal

If your issue is that you don’t want a phone, that’s not a problem. You can simply keep it unplugged. You need an active phone line, but not an active phone. It might be cheaper for you to take out a deal with a phone line in the long run, than to take one without. You should compare prices and contracts carefully to find the one most suited to you.  

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