Airwire was established in the start of 2006 by Ciaran Maddison and Martin List-Petersen. Our aim was to provide broadband to areas in the west of Ireland where nothing else was available. We had been providing ourselves with broadband as there was no other option and saw the need among friends and neighbours – especially those who wanted to work from home or operate a business in rural Ireland.

Beginning  in Kinvara  Airwire covers most of Co. Galway now along with   Clare, South. Mayo and parts of Co. Roscommon.

By 2009 Airwire had approx. 2000 users with fixed wireless broadband in the ISM band and have enabled a few estates with pre-wired ethernet based services and we operate our own dark fiber in Galway City.

The company currently consists of 8 employees and some freelance co-workers.

The entire infrastructure, that the network of Airwire consists of, has been build from scratch and is owned by Airwire. Our connection to the outside world is provided by multiple carriers via fibertrunks in Galway and Dublin. This set-up means we are not dependant on one carrier or location.

The first 2 1/2 years of Airwire’s existance, we had no physical office, but still today, our network and the internet are our virtual office. Today, we operate small data center in the heart of Galway City and our support staff works out of our office in Athlone.

The team behind Airwire has over 20 years experience in wide area networking. We’ve been actively deploying wireless systems in Ireland for over 8 years. Our core network is consistently upgraded as our customer base increases.

Ultimately, Airwire strives to provide a broadband service that meets the needs of our customers. We believe that those of us living in rural areas should be able to access a broadband service that is as good as any available in urban areas. We have a good relationship with our customers and rely on customer feedback to help us continually improve our service.

Kerry Broadband

Kerry Broadband is a young and dynamic company, formed with the specific aim of bringing affordable, high-quality broadband solutions to rural communities in the County of Kerry.

It provides a super-fast way to get broadband internet access in your home or office. It’s wireless, so it needs no phone line and costs exactly the same each month no matter how long you spend online. It’s so easy!

It was created out of the demand for Broadband internet access across County Kerry in areas not previously serviced by other providers (ISPs).

An involvement with local communities and groups around the County assisted our growth and enabled to establish the initial backbone of the network, and as the technology has advanced, so has Kerry Broadband’s coverage and services.

They are now transmitting our services from over 20 locations, and with the introduction of Airmax technology into the network this year is providing us with even more coverage and capacity for new customers.

Kerry Broadband’s internet service is an innovative and unique option for rural communities that don’t have conventional ADSL broadband or for those communities who have experienced the frustration of using 3G mobile broadband. They offer a real alternative, using our integrated software technology and dedicated line technology combined with wireless networking. You can have wireless broadband internet access of speeds of up to 15Mb, on an always on basis without the need for a telephone line.

Their unique service includes packages for Holiday Home owners. This is a market completely relevant to the area.  A customer can pick up their bundle for a month leave it down and come back to it a time that is convenient to them.


Magnet Networks is an Irish company providing Telephone, Television and Broadband Internet via subscription over an Optical Fiber-HFC Cable Network.

Magnet Networks was launched in Dublin on 1 December 2004, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of US-based international investment company. 100 people are employed at its headquarters in Dublin

Magnet Networks is one of Ireland’s leading Telecoms Company providing Broadband Services to both residential and business customers along with providing Ireland’s fastest broadband speeds.

Because it owns and runs its own network it is able to give its customers their own dedicated line that they don’t share with anyone else and lets them experience the backing of our top quality, dedicated customer care team.

Its Next Generation service is delivered through our extensive fibre optic and copper access network. In Ireland we currently service thousands of business and residential customers and are also the largest provider of fibre to the home in the country.

Magnet believes in thinking differently and challenging the outdated products currently available in Ireland.  They have created Fatpipe Fibre 24 to suit an on-the-go lifestyle. It delivers up to 24Mb of high-speed quality broadband backed by world class customer support and peace of mind.

All products have no contract give you the freedom to take control of your broadband.  Magnet  was rated the fastest Internet Service Provider in Ireland by Netflix.

Going forward Magnet are rolling out Project Leap.  Thisis a revolutionary Gigabit (1000Mb) to the home ultra-fast fibre broadband connectivity that will allow us to explore what this 10x increase in speed means for our customers and their usage.

Through a selected location in Jade, The Grange in South Dublin they are demonstrating what future technological and usage behaviour demands we can forecast for our Fibre to the Home customers across Dublin, Meath, Laois and London.


Fastcom was founded in 2004 and is one of Ireland’s largest independently-owned telecoms providers. With offices in Dublin and Sligo they have customers across Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Customers range in size from the personal, residential user to large indigenous and multinational organisations and cross all sectors including government, healthcare, retail, logistics, and education.

They provide phone and broadband services for residential customers. Fastcom fixed broadband uses radio technology to connect your home to the internet.

Its network and data security solution monitors and protects businesses from hackers and sends alerts when unauthorised devices connect to the network. This prevents cyber terrorists from accessing customer data and other secure files.

Fastcom Broadband is a high speed fixed Broadband service. Instead of using a phone line or cable to receive broadband. Its Fixed Broadband uses radio technology to connect your home or office to the internet.

When you sign up with Fastcom, a service engineers will conduct a number of tests to ensure that you can avail of the service on the day of installation. He will call to your home and check on the line of site to our transmitter station. It is important to note this is critical in being assessed for suitability. For multiple users or multiple devices you will be required to purchase a wireless router.

Fastcom business solutions include phone, broadband and data security solutions for businesses throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Our network and data security solution, Fastcom 360 Secure, monitors the whole of your network, protecting your business from hackers.

Broadband for all?

One of aims of the Irish Government in recent years has been to make broadband more available in rural areas. This is linked into the European initiative to have fast reliable broadband throughout Europe.

They have recently set up the Digital Single Market and are channelling its ideas down to our Rural Development Programme. This is all good news for those living outside the big Cities here in Ireland. It should bring more jobs and business opportunities to these areas. There are so many Cottage Industries that will be able to have a fast and effective presence on the world stage.

Ireland has a healthy Broadband Provider market so it pays to shop around and compare prices and products. With the advent of 4G increased speeds can be expected. Remember to think about your requirements. Are you alight residential user or a multi- terminal business user

Broadband plays a critical role in the workings of the economy and society. It connects consumers, businesses, and governments and facilitates social interaction.

So everything to do with broadband policy plays a vital role in making sure that all areas of European commerce and social structure remain buoyant.

It is important to address broadband developments and policies as the happen to ensure the right structures are put in place for a secure future.

The challenges presented as by the ongoing battle of connecting users to fibre-based networks or coverage of rural areas. A

As we move to next-generation networks all policies need to come from a central point to ensure fairness in coverage and pricing for all.

What about the role of developing countries. By neglecting their development in Broadband Technology are we shooting ourselves in the foot?

All Broadband Strategies need to be examined including positive market and policy developments. As we have seen Governments are becoming more and more involved in the area. This can be done on a cooperating level with all the major private players and need not be seen as being mutually exclusive.

Where this can be most effective is in expansive issue of Research and Development