Onwave is one of Europe’s largest distributors of broadband over satellite. With thousands of installations to homes and businesses all over Ireland and the UK there is no better company to deliver broadband to places that otherwise just can’t get it.

Not everybody is able to get fast and affordable broadband. While some people and businesses are lucky enough to have reliable fixed line services wired directly to their house or premises, there are many more as a result of their location simply can’t get the kind of service that they want.

Much of how we live and work depends on broadband access. When onwave was founded in 2008, the vision was to deliver quality and affordable broadband to people regardless of where they are located.  A strategic partnership was formed with Eutelsat, Europe’s leading Satellite operator because satellite is the only technology that guarantee’s coverage for everybody.

The Broadband Provider uses the latest in satellite technology to deliver fast and reliable broadband straight to your house or office. You don’t need a phone line just a small satellite dish pointed at the sky.

When you place your order, a technician will arrive to set up the service. The dish and modem are installed to get your Broadband up and running. The equipment installed is so advanced that your phone and TV service can be delivered through the same connection. There are no exceptions, everyone qualifies.

Onwave also operate a very generous referral policy:

  • Refer a friend and both people get a free month’s subscription
  • Refer up to 12 friends or colleagues and go free for 1 year