Lightnet provide fast, reliable, affordable Internet Access to thousands of people living in the West of Ireland.

Since 2005 LightNet have been supplying customers with high quality wireless broadband across rural areas of the west of Ireland.

They are committed to the highest quality in all they do and are continually expanding both our wireless network and the level of service we provide.

As a local company a dedicated support team ensures that our customers get accurate and timely replies to any queries or issues all in a friendly and cooperative manner.

Because they operate in a region that does not have the latest Internet Speeds and their fair usage policy (which all Broadband Providers have) is important for them to clarify. The policy is designed to make sure your broadband service is as fast and reliable as possible, whenever you want to use it.

Some broadband customers use file sharing software and download or upload large files like music and videos, this is fine if done in moderation but customers that do this a lot use up lots of network capacity and leave less available for everyone else. This is a particular problem if they’re doing it at peak times and it could mean that the speed of your broadband service will be affected.

The advantage of a Broadband Provider operating in a specific region is the high level of personal support afforded its customer base.

Lightnet prides itself on its Technical Support.  Answering customers technical queries in a fast and efficient is key to their business ethos. Troubleshooting and solving problems with the minimum of fuss for all their valued clients.