Kerry Broadband

Kerry Broadband is a young and dynamic company, formed with the specific aim of bringing affordable, high-quality broadband solutions to rural communities in the County of Kerry.

It provides a super-fast way to get broadband internet access in your home or office. It’s wireless, so it needs no phone line and costs exactly the same each month no matter how long you spend online. It’s so easy!

It was created out of the demand for Broadband internet access across County Kerry in areas not previously serviced by other providers (ISPs).

An involvement with local communities and groups around the County assisted our growth and enabled to establish the initial backbone of the network, and as the technology has advanced, so has Kerry Broadband’s coverage and services.

They are now transmitting our services from over 20 locations, and with the introduction of Airmax technology into the network this year is providing us with even more coverage and capacity for new customers.

Kerry Broadband’s internet service is an innovative and unique option for rural communities that don’t have conventional ADSL broadband or for those communities who have experienced the frustration of using 3G mobile broadband. They offer a real alternative, using our integrated software technology and dedicated line technology combined with wireless networking. You can have wireless broadband internet access of speeds of up to 15Mb, on an always on basis without the need for a telephone line.

Their unique service includes packages for Holiday Home owners. This is a market completely relevant to the area. A customer can pick up their bundle for a month leave it down and come back to it a time that is convenient to them.