Imagine Broadband

Imagine Communications is an Irish internet service provider and telecommunications operator, who provide WiMAX, wireless broadband and resell Eircom telecommunications wholesale packages.

The company operates in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Norway and the United States.

They were formed in 1993 and have become a major player in the Irish telecoms market, providing low cost broadband and home phone services at truly competitive rates.

There have been a number of Broadband Providers included into the Imagine Group since 2007. Cinergi Telecom was acquired by Imagine in 2007 with Irish Broadband added in 2008. Clearwire then came into the fold in 2010.

Gaelic Telecom Broadband Services also became a subiduary. They donate a percentage of each bill to a customer’s selected GAA club or National schools.

The company serves both residential and business needs and is in a position to offer all of the latest technology to its customers.

Imagine offer a number of broadband packages and deals, while also including international and local calls.

High speed broadband of up to 10Mbs is available via the 4G WiMax Hub, ensuring a connection that is capable of handling standard and heavy internet usage.

Wi-Fi is included as part of Imagine’s packages with WiMax phone and Broadband deals available in most areas of the country.

WiMax is a worldwide technology changing the way we communicate.

Standing for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access it is simply a wireless technology allowing Irish consumers to avail of a quality home phone and internet service with no line rental charge.

This 4G technology operates over radio waves and transmits a signal to your WiMax device. With a dedicated bandwidth on the WiMax network to phone and internet services you are guaranteed a reliable service in your home.

The power of WiMax is its potential to erase previous broadband black spots. At the moment, cable and phone companies can’t afford to run wires into remote locations. Which means WiMax is replacing DSL and cable services because it can be rolled out anywhere.

WiMax is backed by some of the key players in the technology world, brands such as Motorola, Microsoft and Intel. Imagine are bringing WiMax to Ireland and to you.