Fastcom was founded in 2004 and is one of Ireland’s largest independently-owned telecoms providers. With offices in Dublin and Sligo they have customers across Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Customers range in size from the personal, residential user to large indigenous and multinational organisations and cross all sectors including government, healthcare, retail, logistics, and education.

They provide phone and broadband services for residential customers. Fastcom fixed broadband uses radio technology to connect your home to the internet.

Its network and data security solution monitors and protects businesses from hackers and sends alerts when unauthorised devices connect to the network. This prevents cyber terrorists from accessing customer data and other secure files.

Fastcom Broadband is a high speed fixed Broadband service. Instead of using a phone line or cable to receive broadband. Its Fixed Broadband uses radio technology to connect your home or office to the internet.

When you sign up with Fastcom, a service engineers will conduct a number of tests to ensure that you can avail of the service on the day of installation. He will call to your home and check on the line of site to our transmitter station. It is important to note this is critical in being assessed for suitability. For multiple users or multiple devices you will be required to purchase a wireless router.

Fastcom business solutions include phone, broadband and data security solutions for businesses throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Our network and data security solution, Fastcom 360 Secure, monitors the whole of your network, protecting your business from hackers.