Eir’s Unlimited Broadband No Phone

What Makes eir’s Unlimited Broadband No Phone Different to Regular Broadband?

A popular marketing scheme that most modern internet service providers are taking advantage of is packaged deals. You know those ones that you see on the TV or on the flyers they post through your letterbox. They promise you a hundred and one things (usually TV channel) in addition to your internet access. They seem like fantastic deals. After all, for just a little more than what you pay for your internet, you could get things bundled in such as TV channels, a landline, mobile phone stuff and sometimes even accessories like a landline phone.

With eir’s unlimited broadband only package, you get superfast broadband internet with nothing more and nothing less. You can, of course, choose to add some extras such as mobile internet or TV essentials, but the draw of eir’s unlimited broadband without phone is in the savings you make and the fantastic speeds.

What Do You Get With a Common Internet Package From Other Providers?

First, let’s take a look at what you actually get with a typical broadband package.

As you can see, if you’re only interested in the internet then you’re potentially paying for four expensive services that you don’t need.

So that leaves just one useful thing on the list: broadband. This is why eir’s broadband only packages are becoming increasingly popular.

The Advantages of Signing up With eir’s Unlimited Broadband Only Package

Now that you know why you shouldn’t sign up for large packages, let’s take a look at what makes eir’s unlimited broadband such a great deal.