Broadband For All

One of aims of the Irish Government in recent years has been to make broadband more available in rural areas. This is linked into the European initiative to have fast reliable broadband throughout Europe.

They have recently set up the Digital Single Market and are channelling its ideas down to our Rural Development Programme. This is all good news for those living outside the big Cities here in Ireland. It should bring more jobs and business opportunities to these areas. There are so many Cottage Industries that will be able to have a fast and effective presence on the world stage.

Ireland has a healthy Broadband Provider market so it pays to shop around and compare prices and products. With the advent of 4G increased speeds can be expected. Remember to think about your requirements. Are you alight residential user or a multi- terminal business user

Broadband plays a critical role in the workings of the economy and society. It connects consumers, businesses, and governments and facilitates social interaction.

So everything to do with broadband policy plays a vital role in making sure that all areas of European commerce and social structure remain buoyant.

It is important to address broadband developments and policies as the happen to ensure the right structures are put in place for a secure future.

The challenges presented as by the ongoing battle of connecting users to fibre-based networks or coverage of rural areas.

As we move to next-generation networks all policies need to come from a central point to ensure fairness in coverage and pricing for all.

What about the role of developing countries. By neglecting their development in Broadband Technology are we shooting ourselves in the foot?

All Broadband Strategies need to be examined including positive market and policy developments. As we have seen Governments are becoming more and more involved in the area. This can be done on a cooperating level with all the major private players and need not be seen as being mutually exclusive.

Where this can be most effective is in expansive issue of Research and Development.