Airwire was established in the start of 2006 by Ciaran Maddison and Martin List-Petersen. Our aim was to provide broadband to areas in the west of Ireland where nothing else was available. We had been providing ourselves with broadband as there was no other option and saw the need among friends and neighbours – especially those who wanted to work from home or operate a business in rural Ireland.

Beginning in Kinvara Airwire covers most of Co. Galway now along with Clare, South. Mayo and parts of Co. Roscommon.

By 2009 Airwire had approx. 2000 users with fixed wireless broadband in the ISM band and have enabled a few estates with pre-wired ethernet based services and we operate our own dark fiber in Galway City.

The company currently consists of 8 employees and some freelance co-workers.

The entire infrastructure, that the network of Airwire consists of, has been build from scratch and is owned by Airwire. Our connection to the outside world is provided by multiple carriers via fibertrunks in Galway and Dublin. This set-up means we are not dependant on one carrier or location.

The first 2 1/2 years of Airwire’s existance, we had no physical office, but still today, our network and the internet are our virtual office. Today, we operate small data center in the heart of Galway City and our support staff works out of our office in Athlone.

The team behind Airwire has over 20 years experience in wide area networking. We’ve been actively deploying wireless systems in Ireland for over 8 years. Our core network is consistently upgraded as our customer base increases.

Ultimately, Airwire strives to provide a broadband service that meets the needs of our customers. We believe that those of us living in rural areas should be able to access a broadband service that is as good as any available in urban areas. We have a good relationship with our customers and rely on customer feedback to help us continually improve our service.