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Digiweb is Ireland’s leading independent telecommunications company. Founded in 1997 and with head office in Dundalk, Digiweb provides nationwide broadband access and telephony services to residential and small business customers....


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The range of broadband providers currently operating in Ireland is vast and varied. There are Irish companies that only operate in Ireland. And there are huge global corporations. Which of these you choose to provide internet to your home or business is something that you should think very carefully about. It's one of those decisions that will affect your everyday because, let's face it, we all use the internet a lot throughout the day. We rely on it to do the most basic things. And when it stops running as smoothly as we'd like it to, we get frustrated quickly.

If you are about to start the search for a new broadband deal, you need to know what options are currently out there. Only when you've assessed all of the internet service providers and compared what they have to offer will you be able to make an informed decision. If you don't look at every provider and find out what they have to offer, you could miss out on a deal that would have been perfect for you and your family. That's not what you want to happen, so now is a good time to look more closely at the broadband providers that you can buy from.

The cost of your internet service is one of the things that matters most to people. Everyone has a certain limit that they don't want to spend more than. And this is something that will be different for each person. You should fix your limit before you start browsing. Then you can look at what you can get for your money without being tempted by a more expensive deal that you can't really afford. Don't throw money away on extras you don't need. Think about what you want from your broadband provider and match your wants up with your budget.

Cost isn't everything, though. If you use the internet a lot, or you have a lot of people and devices using the internet in your home, you will need a robust broadband setup. It's important to look at the speed on offer. A slow connection will only cause you frustrations and problems when it comes to actually using it. Different companies offer different levels of coverage in different areas, so you need to keep this in mind too. Talk to the providers and check how strong the connection is likely to be in the area where you live.

Below, you will find information on ten of the most prominent internet service providers in Ireland. It's worth learning a bit about each of them so that you know which is going to be the right option for you. You can then learn a bit more about the specific deals that each of these companies is currently offering to customers. It's worth talking to the companies directly if you want to know all the details, but start by learning the basics. So, read on now and start learning what you initially need to know about these ten internet service providers.

Sky Broadband

Sky is a global company that offers TV, phone and broadband packages. You can combine these different things into one package if you want to as well. It's possible to get a TV, talk and broadband package for about €49 per month. This provides you with 100Mb broadband, all the calls you want to make and the basic Sky TV package. You will be provided with a Sky Hub Wireless router. And because you're using one of the biggest brands in the country, you will have a decent level of quality assurance. That in itself can be very important.

Vodafone Broadband

If you're looking for top value broadband from a company that can be trusted, it's worth considering packages offered by Vodafone. You can get a TV and broadband deal from them for as little as €40 per month. As part of that deal, you will get superfast fibre broadband. Value for money is what Vodafone is probably best known for. If you want to pay a little more, you can get a package that also includes Sky Sports channels too. This costs €60 per month, which is still pretty good value for what you get compared to some other packages.

Virgin Media

The best packages offered by Virgin Media are less about affordability and more about speed and technical specs. If what you really want and need is a fast broadband connection and upload speeds, you could choose their 360Mb broadband deal. This can also be purchased as a part of other bundles. Even if you opt for their 240Mb deal, this is still faster and better than the 100Mb broadband deals you will get from the vast majority of other companies in Ireland. That level of speed won't be necessary for everyone, though, so only pay for it if it matters to you.

Eir Broadband

If you're looking for a good superfast fibre broadband deal, you should definitely consider one of the packages offered by Eir. The best thing about the company is the bundles it offers to customers. They mean that you can get a good phone deal, combined with a fast broadband connection and a TV package as well. The company offers Eir Sport channels to customers, and this TV package includes all four of BT Sports' channels, which screen Premier League and Champions League games live. You can also use the free Eir Sport app to watch things on the go.

Pure Telecom

Pure Telecom offer a solid service, a decent broadband speed and very fair prices. They are not among the biggest companies currently offering deals in Ireland, but there is a reason many people use their broadband services. At just €29 per month, you won't find too many broadband deals that are more affordable; that price includes a good phone deal as well. And they also offer 100Mb broadband, which is as good as what's on offer from many of their bigger and more profitable rivals in the broadband market. Don't rule Pure Telecom out until you've seen what they have to offer.

Digiweb Broadband

Digiweb is an Irish-owned business that supplies broadband to homes and business all over the country. They focus on offering fixed line fibre, wireless and ADSL broadband. They also offer call and broadband bundles for homes in Ireland. You can also take advantage of the free internet security and parental controls that Digiweb offers to its new customers if that sounds like something that would help your family. It's good to know that you can get these little perks that make deals such as this better value for consumers. stands out because it's Ireland's only no contract unlimited fibre broadband provider. It offers a fast broadband connection at 100Mb. And you don't have to remain tied down to a particular deal like you do with most other broadband providers. You can also use their Simply Phone service that can meet all of your calling needs. The prices on offer a very good, and it's this that makes the company most attractive. It might not be the biggest or the best in the country, but shouldn't be dismissed out of hand either.

Q Sat

Q Sat is known for offering low cost broadband deals. What makes the company different is the fact that they use satellite broadband. This is unusual, but it offers them distinct advantages in certain respects. First of all, they are able to keep prices very low. On top of that, they are able to offer a good broadband connection to Irish customers located in more remote and rural parts of the country. Other forms of broadband struggle to reach customers in these areas, but Q Sat offers them a service that works for them whenever they need it.


Rural Ireland is also the target of Imagine. They offer 70Mb broadband, which is slower than most other providers, to parts of the country that are more difficult to reach with a fast connection. Rather than using satellite broadband, however, Imagine focuses on getting fibre broadband connections to these communities. As well as this service, they also provide phone deals that offer customers access to unlimited local and national calls. Their deals are pretty pricey, but that's expected when fibre broadband is being offered to customers in the remote areas of Ireland. You get what you pay for in this case.


BigBlu also offers satellite broadband connections to people in Ireland. If you live in a remote area and want a more affordable deal on your broadband package, Europasat is probably a better option than Imagine. Of course, the quality won't be quite as strong if you make this decision. Whereas Imagine offer 70Mb broadband, Europasat offers only 22Mb broadband. In remote locations, this is still pretty impressive, and things are improving all the time. And because they offer satellite broadband deals, they can keep costs down compared to companies like Imagine that use fibre instead.