Digiweb Broadband

Digiweb  is Ireland’s leading independent telecommunications company.  Founded in 1997 and with head office in Dundalk, Digiweb provides nationwide broadband access and telephony services to residential and small business customers. .

Digiweb is 100% Irish owned and run, and is headquartered in Dundalk, County Louth with its technical, installation and sales offices in Dublin. In May 2013, it acquired the British telecommunications company Viatel. At present it employs approx. 140 people around the country.

By virtue of its national wireless network and satellite services, Digiweb owns and operates Ireland’s largest alternative last-mile access network.

They offer a variety of broadband services in Ireland which include Metro Wireless Broadband. This is a Broadband & Phone Package with very attractive options. Since 2007 they have been offering  Mobile Broadband and Satellite broadband.

It is a full-service national communications and managed services provider. We provide nationwide
broadband access, enterprise data networks, data centre
and web hosting services, managed services and telephony
to residential, business and public sector customers.

Why choose Digiweb?

  • Broadband Anywhere in Ireland
  • Excellent Value
  • Great Customer Service
  • It’s easy to switch
  • 150 employees
  • Founded in 1997
  • Head office in Dublin, with additional offices in Cork, Dundalk, Waterford and Belfast
  • 55,000 business, residential and government customers for broadband, data and telephony services
  • 48,000 web hosting, domain and data centre customers
  • Annual revenues of €50 million
  • Digiweb and Smart are enjoying continued growth and positive operating profits / EBITDA
  • National independent infrastructure includes fibre, high-speed DSL, next-generation IP and the largest wireless broadband network in Ireland
  • Largest Satellite provider in Ireland and UK
  • World-class data centre in Dublin, hosting leading global companies such as Ask.com
  • Major industry awards include Ireland’s Telecommunications and ICT company of the year

Imagine Communications

Imagine Communications is an Irish internet service provider and telecommunications operator, who provide WiMAX, wireless broadband and resell Eircom telecommunications wholesale packages.

The company operates in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Norway and the United States.

They were formed in 1993 and have become a major player in the Irish telecoms market, providing low cost broadband and home phone services at truly competitive rate s.

There have been a number of Broadband Providers included into the Imagine Group since 2007. Cinergi Telecom was acquired by Imagine in 2007 with Irish Broadband added in 2008. Clearwire then came into the fold in 2010.

Gaelic Telecom Broadband Services also became a subiduary. They donate a percentage of each bill to a customer’s selected GAA club or National schools.

The company serves both residential and business needs and is in a position to offer all of the latest technology to its customers.

Imagine offer a number of broadband packages and deals, while also including international and local calls.

High speed broadband of up to 10Mbs is available via the 4G WiMax Hub, ensuring a connection that is capable of handling standard and heavy internet usage.

Wi-Fi is included as part of Imagine’s packages with WiMax phone and Broadband deals available in most areas of the country.

WiMax is a worldwide technology changing the way we communicate.
Standing for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access it is simply a wireless technology allowing Irish consumers to avail of a quality home phone and internet service with no line rental charge.

This 4G technology operates over radio waves and transmits a signal to your WiMax device. With a dedicated bandwidth on the WiMax network to phone and internet services you are guaranteed a reliable service in your home.

The power of WiMax is its potential to erase previous broadband black spots. At the moment, cable and phone companies can’t afford to run wires into remote locations. Which means WiMax is replacing DSL and cable services because it can be rolled out anywhere.

WiMax is backed by some of the key players in the technology world, brands such as Motorola, Microsoft and Intel. Imagine are bringing WiMax to Ireland and to you.


Lightnet provide fast, reliable, affordable Internet Access to thousands of people living in the West of Ireland.

Since 2005 LightNet have been supplying customers with high quality wireless broadband across rural areas of the west of Ireland.

They are committed to the highest quality in all they do and are continually expanding both our wireless network and the level of service we provide.

As a local company a dedicated support team ensures that our customers get accurate and timely replies to any queries or issues all in a friendly and cooperative manner.

Because they operate in a region that does not have the latest Internet Speeds and their fair usage policy (which all Broadband Providers have) is important for them to clarify. The policy is designed to make sure your broadband service is as fast and reliable as possible, whenever you want to use it.

Some broadband customers use file sharing software and download or upload large files like music and videos, this is fine if done in moderation but customers that do this a lot use up lots of network capacity and leave less available for everyone else. This is a particular problem if they’re doing it at peak times and it could mean that the speed of your broadband service will be affected.

The advantage of a Broadband Provider operating in a specific region is the high level of personal support afforded its customer base.

Lightnet prides itself on its Technical Support.  Answering customers technical queries in a fast and efficient is key to their business ethos. Troubleshooting and solving problems with the minimum of fuss for all their valued clients.


Onwave is one of Europe’s largest distributors of broadband over satellite. With thousands of installations to homes and businesses all over Ireland and the UK there is no better company to deliver broadband to places that otherwise just can’t get it.

Not everybody is able to get fast and affordable broadband. While some people and businesses are lucky enough to have reliable fixed line services wired directly to their house or premises, there are many more as a result of their location simply can’t get the kind of service that they want.

Much of how we live and work depends on broadband access. When onwave was founded in 2008, the vision was to deliver quality and affordable broadband to people regardless of where they are located.  A strategic partnership was formed with Eutelsat, Europe’s leading Satellite operator because satellite is the only technology that guarantee’s coverage for everybody.

The Broadband Provider uses the latest in satellite technology to deliver fast and reliable broadband straight to your house or office. You don’t need a phone line just a small satellite dish pointed at the sky.

When you place your order, a technician will arrive to set up the service. The dish and modem are installed to get your Broadband up and running. The equipment installed is so advanced that your phone and TV service can be delivered through the same connection. There are no exceptions, everyone qualifies.

Onwave also operate a very generous referral policy:

  • Refer a friend and both people get a free month’s subscription
  • Refer up to 12 friends or colleagues and go free for 1 year